Wednesday, 2 April 2014

24 Hours And Beijing Is Calling

So, only 24 hours until I leave and Beijing is certainly calling! All is packed, 100 Archival sleeves, 25 rolls of film, 3 packs of Polaroid, 2 Photographic trays and relating tongs, 2 pairs of safety googles, 1 Acid Resistant Apron, a pair of Acid Resistant gloves and lets not forget the Hunter wellies, and a small selection of clothes! 

As the time approaches, I currently sit in my studio easing my thoughts, preparing for what will be one of the best, most exciting and inspiring trips this year, listening to the extended classical sounds of Einaudi, Grieg, Scriabin and many others including my favourites, Adagio for String and the Moonlight Sonnet by Beethoven. I always find that before a trip, there is something very special about classical music that calms my spirit, my mind and prepares me for the travels ahead.

Much awaits my arrival and much will be made, created and decided, and on my return much will be shown and displayed, so, so long and see you on the other side.

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