Friday, 25 April 2014

Updates & Another LC

Today saw a very exciting advancement in the journey that is Lunar Caustic, as we collected our films fresh off the developer! Having safely transported them back to the UK, through multiple customs, the last opportunity of destruction loomed, but we can very happily rest in that fact that all films are developed, fixed and stable - a certain fate within our series of uncontrollability.  Even a little portrait of the collaborative team too!

This is where the fun starts all over again, as we spend many hours working with hand printers testing to enlarge the negatives shot in Beijing for the editions. As process is so fundamental to the success of this collaboration, it is wonderful that we manage to involve others, to help realise this incredible story of salvation and the resurrection of the art of black magic within the archive.

As the weeks fly by, here is another image from the series, and as we conducted our first interview around the series today, there will be many more being released in due course, so keep watching to see more imagery from the project.

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