Monday, 21 December 2015

Installation Shots - "Her First Meteorite Volume 2"

I am delighted to currently be exhibiting in ROSE GALLERY's second installation, Her First Meteorite, Volume II, a selection of process based photographs that features the work of seven artists. The exhibition will be on view from 12 December 2015 through 6 February 2016. 

By stepping outside traditional processes to rediscover the photographic medium, Melinda Gibson, Kenneth Graves, Yoko Kanayama, and Summer Mann, utilize secondary processes and photographic collage in order to blur the boundaries of selfidentity and complicate the understanding of contemporary cultures. By focusing on the use of details and multiple layers within the photographic process, Gibson, Graves, Kanayama and Mann bring to light the socio-cultural narratives within the historical and contemporary urban landscape.
Here are some installation shots of this wonderful show. More information can be found on the gallery website here:

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