Wednesday, 9 December 2015

New Exhibition Opening Reception On 12th Dec. 'Her First Meteorite Volume 2' At ROSEGALLERY

I am absolutely delighted to be exhibiting in the second volume of the much inspired show at ROSEGALLERY, Her First Meteorite, Volume 2, which opens on Saturday 12th December.

Presenting the second installment of Her First Meteorite, a selection of process based photographs that features the work of seven artists: Dirk Braeckman, James Gallagher, Melinda Gibson & Thomas Sauvin, Ken Graves, Yoko Kanayama, Summer Mann and Sebastian Riemer. The exhibition will be on view from 12 December 2015 through 6 February 2016. 
From experimenting with light sensitivities of unconventional photographic papers, to repurposing salvaged negatives, the use of secondary processes within Her First Meteorite, Volume II, challenges the boundaries of the medium of photography. By allowing the works to enter the world of the surreal, this exhibition invites the viewer to question the identity of the visuals presented.
Read more here and don't miss this beautiful show -

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