Monday, 13 November 2017

"A Motley Crew" - New Group Exhibition Opens At Christain Larsen Gallery, Stockholm On 16 Nov.

I am absolutely delighted to be part of a new exhibition at Christain Larsen Gallery, in Stockholm, "A Motley Crew" which opens this coming Thursday 16 November and runs until 16 December. The show promises to be a beautiful curation with selected works from some astounding artists, Caroline Achaintre, Olivia Bax, Ross Taylor and Thomas Sauvin & I's delicate, destructive works from our collaborative series, Lunar Caustic. Below is an excerpt from the press release -

"Christian Larsen is pleased to present A Motley Crew featuring five UK based artists Caroline Achaintre, Melinda Gibson & Thomas Sauvin, Olivia Bax and Ross Taylor. Although there may not be one prevailing theme that unites the artists featured, there are strands and commonalities that thread themselves throughout, from the immediacy and malleability of their mediums and material to the feeling that each of the artists imbue their work with multiple personalities, never quite resolving into one thing or the other, but existing as their own distinctive selves."

I certainly look forward to all that Stockholm and Sweden has to offer, having never visited Sweden before I can not wait to taste and sample all of the delights of the city. As a Baker's daughter who likes her beer, I certainly need to tease out, fresh-from-the-oven kardemummabullar and Omnipollo, a local gypsy brewer making some of the most interesting beers in Scandinavia! I can't wait.

More can be seen here:

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