Wednesday, 22 November 2017

New Exhibition, 'Reversiones' Opens Thursday 23 November At Centro De La Imagen In Mexico City

Absolutely delighted to announce my forthcoming group exhibition, 'Reversiones' at the Centro De La Imagen in Mexico City, part of the E.Folio.001, an encounter on the Contemporary Photobook, curated by Mariela Sancari, wonderful Museum, Centro De La Imagen and curated by the amazing Natasha Christia. I am honoured to be working with all on this show and exhibiting with artist, Brad Feuerhelm, Lewis Bush and Vincent Delbrouck. The exhibition will run from 23 November through to Mid March 2018, with an exciting educational programme running alongside.

I would like to extend my huge thanks to all at ROSEGALLERY, who made this exhibition possible and to all friends and colleagues whose commitment to my practice is heartwarming - my deepest thanks to each and everyone one of you.

"This exhibition starts from the sacred place of the library to a profane land of appropriation, recycling and reinventions of the (photo) book, as an object in process: an object open to subversive reinterpretations of hegemonic authorships and stories.

Reversiones hosts (photo) books that revisit great milestones of photography, (photo) books that are envisaged with forms and ideological baggage of others in order to subvert them and make visible identities and hidden narratives, as well as (photo) books that are fractured and They revert, challenging their own story, form and signature of author.

All of them testify, as tools of activism, the complicity of the images with the narratives and the dominant ideologies of our "liquid times", as they suggest the need for a novel reading of history through the support of (photo) book . An insubstantial reading that does not hesitate to deconstruct the axioms and stories of the photograph itself."
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