Monday, 18 December 2017

New Commission Revealed In The New Publication "American ABCD" Tonight at La Fabrica In Madrid


I am absolutely delighted to reveal that my new body of work Verbatim, inspired and commissioned by the wonderful Patricio from Paripe Books is launched tonight, part of the new set of publications entitled America ABCD, at La Fabrica in Madrid.

Earlier this year, I was asked to rework one of the images from Patricio's archive, predominately black and white imagery from the 1950's and create a new set of works or work in response to this one image. It was an incredibly moving project to work on, seeing the strange parallels between the times we thought we had moved on from to the startling reality of todays political and social climate. 

I was deeply inspired by the way that women were being represented in those times and sadly found an astounding connection, mirror of the times of America (and more widely) that we are party to today. I drew on modern day inspirational speeches, shocking historical 'educational' films intermixed with the streaming consciousness of a never ending vocal from the political strong and interlaced this with my own personal experiences to create Verbatim, a script.

The resulting works are 5 pages from a wider script that I am currently writing around the socio-politics of our current times, but what you see published in this book, gives a strong flavour to what I am working on and will release, in part, next spring. Sad, yet inspiring times, gives a wealth of material to work with. So delighted to be part of this publication and to have many fellow friends and colleagues, a part of this too.

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