Friday, 15 December 2017

'Reversiones' Exhibition Shots - Centro De La Imagen - In Mexico City - 23 Nov. - 1 April 2018

I am absolutely delighted to have the installation shots back from my new group exhibition, "Reversiones"  at the wonderful Centro De La Imagen in Mexico City. The show really does look stunning and working with all the museum has been an absolutely delightful experience. I would like to extend my huge thanks to the following people, whom without them, this exhibition could not have happened.

Firstly to all at ROSEGALLERY for their patience, support and incredible assistance in getting these works from Santa Monica to Mexico, David Solo for his continued and never-ending support in my practice, Darren Warner and Steffi Klenz, both dear friends and extraordinary curators and artists in their own right for their continued interest and creative excitement for the project and of course all at the museum, technicians, curators and of course the Director for the opportunity to have such a great show up for such a wonderful duration. But of course, last, but by non means least, two women who have been extraordinary throughout this process; curator Natasha Christia and Mairela Sancari who dreamt up this idea as well as the trio of Vincent, Brad and Lewis, the other artists exhibiting that I am honoured to also exhibit with.

This project has been such a dream to work on, and it has only just began, as we prepare for our Educational programme which will expand the exhibition, but also bring us to this wonderful city, Mexico! 2018 preparation has already began and I am over excited about what we can achieve. What a perfect way to end this year, with much excitement, joy and many projects in the wings!

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