Friday, 20 January 2012

"The New Alchemists"

So I can rest for a second, and only a second as I plan for the next year of shows back to back! But I thought I would take this moment to talk to you about the events of this week, which saw the opening of Photo50 at The London Art Fair on Tuesday and my panel talk with Aliki, Julie and Bridget on Wednesday lunchtime.

The opening night was a great success with many visitors, curators and gallerists attending the evening and the show was very well received indeed. Sue Steward's curatorial decisions produced a very exciting mix of artists using photography in an alternative manner. From David Birkin and Veronica Bailey's photojournalist lead exhibits to Esther Teichmann's hand-painted prints, the varying levels of craftsmanship was wonderful to see and be apart of. If you haven't yet seen the show I would strongly recommend you do as is a feast for the eyes and really does show you how photography is being used in the UK.

Next was the panel discussion on Wednesday which went very well and I would like to thank all the people that attended the talk, I hope you found it interesting and informative. It is always great to talk about something you love and have such a passion for and be able to share that with others of the same interests.

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