Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Royal Opera House

So, a new year and what a way to start it off! In between all the organisation for both Photo50 at the London Art Fair as well as two publications that are due to be released early in the next 2 months, I managed to find some time to be transported into a fantastical world of beauty and went to see The Nutcracker Ballet at the Royal Opera House.

Having seen the ballet as a young child, many many years ago it was so wonderful to experience it once more and in such amazing surroundings. Having not been to the Royal Opera House before, the venue in itself was a delight, let alone the ballet itself. Performed with a live orchestra and with music by Pytor Il'yich Tchaikovsky it really was a stunning evening.

If you haven't been to see a ballet, I really would recommend it. They are such beautiful, sophisticated feasts for the eyes and ears and truly inspiring. For anyone visual, they are a must!

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