Tuesday, 4 June 2013

"Destroyed Images" Exhibition Opens in Hamburg At The 040 Festival on Friday 7th June at 20:00

I am very pleased to announce, my works are part of this exciting festival in Hamburg which opens this Friday, 7th June from 20:00. The festival and the exhibition has a fantastic array of artists including Katharina Bosse, Markus Uhr, André Giesemann, Mauren Brodbeck and many, many others.

I will also be making a book live at the opening, demonstrating the labour intensive production of the photobook, from 20:00 onwards...

Here is a little bit more information about the exhibition:

"The 040 Festival takes place for the first time in Hamburg. Still in the making, it’s understood as a pilot, which communicates an artistic idea to the public and the city. National and international names of the art scene will be represented and showcased. The exhibition "Destroyed Images - Zerstoerte Bilder" discusses the exploitation of imagery; every day more than 300 million pictures are being uploaded & rated on Facebook. Private pictures are produced without any kind of reflection or time for production. Things, which are happening around us, are being documented, saved onto hard drives or virtual storage spaces and uploaded onto the Internet.

Which pictures do actually still matter - which ones are still of any intellectual value? What happens with all these pictures we produce? How do photographers treat their own work? How do they treat found material?

What happens with photographic pictures, which we manipulate, distress, deconstruct or reassemble? The exhibition's title "Destroyed Images" shouldn't solely be understood in just a materialistic way, but also in a sense of self-awareness and a scan of a constructed biography. What does it mean to leave something behind and start again from scratch, after a loss, an accident or an illness?"

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