Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Works Unseen

As I research many different sources for 2 new projects that I am working on, I recalled a series I produced back in 2008-2009 using the defunct, original Polaroid. The body of work, consisting of only 6 unique Polaroids titled, "View From My View" takes inspiration from the wonderful work of Andre Kertesz and his series of a similar name. The series plays and explores Kertesz's idea of shooting objects in front of the window, in the sunlight on Polaroid but are then interrupted mid process to create these beautifully abstracted instant photographs. 

They capture a time and place,  offering up a new way to see the world, the view, whereby the colours, the shapes, the tones propel you deep into the chemistry, into a world unknown. The sublimeness for me, echos the paintings of the early 19th century, a place where you can escape for a moment into something different, a space that takes you wholeheartedly and brings forth emotions strong and hard into the present.

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