Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Unseen Dummy Award Juror 2013

I am very, very proud and honored to announce that I have been selected as 1 of the Unseen Dummy Award 2013 Jurors at the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam!!!!! I was interviewed earlier this month and you can read all about what I am looking for in a photobook and where and what I think about this beautiful medium. Here's a little except from the interview;

Why do you think photobooks are so important? Do you feel that the push to digitalise material has changed their significance?

"For me, photobooks provide physicality to a project that not only outlives the project, but also the artist. They provide an additional, exciting platform to develop a series of works into a new form, a new life. It’s where the curation of work into book form adds and aids another dimension, and often-in unexpected avenues.

With the push towards digitalisation, there seems to be a push back into the importance of having something tactical, tangible, something to hold dear and hold onto. Photobooks are a way of really capturing the essence of a project at a particular moment in time, where you can sit back, relax and really pour your time into turning the pages at your own pace. I think the significance of this is that with every development comes a yearning for it to pause, so through this digitalised material, the books become more objectified and thought of as objects in their own right, as it is so readily available to produce your own books through online opportunities. I am excited about this development and where it will progress."

Read more about Unseen here: http://www.unseenamsterdam.com/news

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