Friday, 24 January 2014

Alchemy At Its Best - Silvermine Collaboration

2014 will bring a wonderful set of new work to light as my collaborative project with Thomas Sauvin's Silvermine will debut later this year! It is a very exciting year with much work to be made, and many adventures to be had. It started long before now, in fact back in November 2012, but I shall return to China later this year to finalise the imagery and present our findings.

To work on an Archive of this kind, Time was the most important element, time to look, sit with, enjoy and edit imagery, to make the best possible selection, bring together all the ideas and produce new imagery that presents all our findings and bares the vision that makes my practice my own. Having looked through many hundreds of thousands of images, I feel that it is now the time to start producing the new works and this month see's the start of my second round of investigations, alchemy at its best!

With that I donned on my new black rubber gloves, apron and googles and set to work fusing Science and Photography, in many ways trying to separate the the two, which proved and provided my ideas and findings in magical and mysterious ways. I of course can not quite release what and how the works are made just yet, but keep watching as I post more about the works, as and when, more are made. All I can say is that my Chemistry lessons and some very talented individuals have provided much advice and the best possible way to learn is to experiment, even if that means that there are times, when I find if difficult to catch my breath.

Keep watching, this project is going to reveal some beautiful results and I am so honoured to be working with such incredible imagery...

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