Sunday, 26 January 2014

Attire & Equipment for 2014

This week has seen much experimentation and inspiring, thought-provoking finds as the investigations for the Silvermine Collaboration are in full swing. And what better way to start my work than with whole new attire and equipment for 2014! The only thing missing from these pictures are my black rubber, boots, apron and gloves, but it brings so much joy working like I used too many years ago.

For me Photography has always been a tool in which control was an important element and inspiration. I was drawn to this medium for the very fact that you could take an image, process the film, develop the prints and all within the constraints of a wet process. So to be working in a similar vain now, bringing it all back, and to the forefront of my mind, just consolidates why I love this medium and how important it is to push its boundaries to express my vision.

Back to the concrete studio for me, where I don on my mask and other related attire, and get processing... 

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