Monday, 27 January 2014

New Stockists & Editorials


January is proving to be a very busy month indeed and I am very pleased to say that my second publication, "Miss Titus Becomes A Regular Army Mac" is taking the lead to date, as the next few months see a collection of new Editorials and a wonderful new Stockist selling the publication. The Wonderful Tipi Bookshop in Belgium now has Miss Titus available through them and what a beautiful shop it is indeed, I must take a trip to see it when I am next in that part of Europe - soon I hope!

New editorials will include; The Royal Photographic Society,  UYW (UnlessYouWill) and PiK Magazine, but here is a little extract from Colin Pantall who not only wrote 1 review about the book, but 2, 1 for Emaho and 1 for himself.  I love it when something really gets under the skin of someone, somethings aren't meant to be easy, a test for the senses on all levels!

"She selected key images and made a book of them. But not just any book. It's a kind of annoying book that I'm still not too sure about, but then again for a book that I'm not too sure about, I sure spent  a lot of time looking at it. The next annoying thing about it is it's handmade, beautifully - so you know that Gibson spent an inordinate amount  of time on it. It's gorgeously made, tactile in a paper wrapping with a kind of glassine sleeve cover (to go with the archive picture theme). It feels lovely in the hands. Wait a minute, that's not annoying, that's good isn't it. Perhaps a bit of envy is creeping in here. If schadenfreude is taking pleasure is someone else's pain, then freudenschade is the word for taking pain in someone else's pleasure. It's just too darn smart! So it's a book that makes you work to see the images, where the images connect to their origins, where multiple layers form multiple narratives (including the narrative of construction)! Fabulous." Colin Pantall.

There are only a few copies left of the publication now, so make sure you get yours and make your own mind up...

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