Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Smoke House Performance At Unseen Photo Fair - Thursday 18th September From 18:00 pm

I am very, very excited to announce that for today's news, I will be performing at Unseen Photo Fair, on Thursday 18th September, debuting my new collaborative work with the wonderful Self Publish Be Happy, as I complete their new and latest Book Club Vol VI. It's going to a hot Thursday evening and something not to miss!!!
"SPBH Editions presents artist Melinda Gibson's latest performance in conjunction with the release of her latest book SPBH Book Club Vol VI.
SPBH Book Club VI is a forensic and artistic exploration of loss and renewal by Melinda Gibson. During a fire at her South London studio, Gibson watched as smoke and water poured into the space. In the aftermath, she combed through what remained, analysing and collecting material and drawing it together in the form of a book. The making of the book itself became for Gibson a cathartic process of survival.
In a live performance, Gibson invites audiences to take part in the smoke press; four handmade smokehouses continually smoking books. In a ritualistic act of defiance, each book is ‘smoked’ by Gibson – each one becoming a unique, sensorial object offering an experience that transcends the pages of the book."

Sneaky Peak here:

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