Thursday, 3 October 2013

Book Making Performances... Day 4

Day 4 brings us to the two performances that I did at two different locations over the Unseen Photo Fair. The first, was at the exhibition space, in the MC Theatre on the opening afternoon, where I undertook the casual live performance for 2 hours, making the books from start to finish. 

The second performance was at the Unseen Living Room, which lasted a refined 30 minutes, and saw the polished, formal performance. An introduction to both the project and concept by the curators of the "Unnatural Selection" exhibition, Brad Feuerhelm and Daniel Campbell Blight. Then an interplay of live book making alongside music, and projection, whereby the letters of the title where projected at intervals, demonstrating how language can be miss construed and inform different contexts/ ideas depending on the time you see the letters. This mixture of sound, projection and performance made for an incredibly strong setting as the audience came up around the table to see the live book making and as if choreographed, circled and engulfed the table. 

The action of making is so powerful and with all elements produced right in front of your eyes, the concept is truly emphasised and visualized. The live cutting/ knife action proved incredibly effective as new images were revealed and discovered through the splicing opening of Japanese folds.

Watch this space for more on the publication and for further live performance events worldwide....

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