Saturday, 26 October 2013

This week, on Tuesday the 22nd October at 16:30, saw my first twitter interview with Genesis Imaging. It was a very interesting way to be interviewed, as you are obviously restricted to 140 characters for an answer, so your thoughts and answers are thought about in a different way. However I did roll over to a few tweets for those impassioned answers, where 140 wasn't nearly enough!!!

With questions and answers like this; 

Genesisimaging: How do you hope your work will be perceived by future generations?

Melinda_jgibson: Another impassioned answer! I think it's important not to focus on 'legacy' or how you want to be perceived, I think...

Melinda_jgibson: ...that leads to failure. I live and work in the present and for me if audiences see and appreciate my work than that is..

Melinda_jgibson: all I could wish for, ultimately I do what I do because it makes me who I am and I wouldn't be Miss Gibson without it!

If you missed it, then look here for the interview in full and make sure you get involved in the next one, they have a great list of contributors:

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