Thursday, 17 October 2013

Normal Edition in A Limited Run of 120 Copies

“Cleverly placing the images inside bound pages also creates a permeable, yet physical question of the viewer. That which is to destroy the pages in order to “see”, which at its base is what photography has come to be about: That of the forced spectacle.” Brad Feuerhelm.

Melinda Gibson in collaboration with Kummer & Herrman produce a publication from the visual source material of Brad Feuerhelm’s Archive collection. The resulting publication is a limited, handmade book that is both mysterious and clever witted in its design. You are encouraged to look, open, tear the very pages the images are printed on, revealing others hidden behind.

The images above are from the Normal Edition, a limited print run of 120 copies and each and every book is signed, dated with the time of completion, location as well as a surprise revelation in each book. The foreword, written by Brad Feuerhelm is itself hidden within the insert cards that make up the front and back covers. At every stage, this publication offers up new ways of seeing and reading photography in all its guises. 

A list of stockists will be available very soon.....

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