Friday, 4 October 2013

Releasing My New Book... Day 5

Finally, Day 5 sees the release of my new publication, "Miss Titus Becomes A Regular Army Mac." I am very, very proud of this collaborative partnership, working with the incredible Kummer and Herrman and published by the wonderful b.frank books this book is a true and honest publication that conceptually explores the notion of what it is to really 'see' and 'understand' with a firm nod towards the themes that surround book publishing, as you are presented with a question, to cut open or to leave closed?!

The book is in a Limited Edition of only 120 copies and a Special Edition of only 20 copies. Each and every book is handmade by I, (Melinda) and is signed and dated with the time of completion and location. The Special Editions are boxed, as above and have two photographic prints hidden inside the folds! My publisher, b.frank books will be stocking the publication directly from their website and other distributors I will release at a later date.

Additional press images will be available shortly of both editions including interior shots.

For all book sale enquiries please contact the studio at:

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