Tuesday, 1 October 2013

"Unnatural Selection" Exhibition Opens... Day 2

Next on the Unseen unravel is the opening of the exhibition, "Unnatural Selection" curated by the wonderful Brad Feuerhelm and Daniel Campbell Blight. Here is a little excerpt from the press release. "This exhibition sees nine contemporary female artists delve into photography collector, dealer and writer Brad Feuerhelm’s personal collection of peculiar documents. Either by directly re-using, appropriating or re-engaging images; or by selecting their own previously made work that shares an oblique stylistic relationship with the collection, all the images displayed here attest to the seemingly endless and potent lure of the vernacular and its relationship to contemporary photographic practice."

I presented my new project, "Miss Titus Becomes A Regular Army Mac" for the first time as both an installation and a new handmade publication. The process for me has always been, and is very much part of my practice, so with this in mind it was very important that each and every element of the new publication was exhibited. The exhibits show the broken down elements of the book, from the flat printed sheets delivered on the pallet, to the insert cards boxed up, to the handmade vitrine displaying the newly finished books. This raw and honest display nods to the growing and exploratory nature of  self publishing and how process is becoming ever more important in contemporary artistic practice.

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